New Horizons 

in Choral Singing  

Michael Deason Barrow

aanmelden na 10 maart niet meer mogelijk

Schoorl, vrijdag 15-zondag 17 maart 2019

15AM punten toegekend door NVKToag

Voor wie is deze workshop?

– iedereen die graag in een koor zingt, beginners en gevorderden

– koorleiders op zoek naar nieuwe gezichtspunten en inspiratie

– diegene die gewoon een weekeind heerlijk wil zingen

Deze weekendworkshop “New Horizons of Choral Singing” is geschikt voor mensen met alle niveaus van muzikale / vocale ervaring. Michael Deason Barrow laat je beleven dat iedereen een zanger en een muzikant in zich heeft en hij ziet er naar uit om zijn passie voor het zingen van met jou te delen.

De werkgroepleider:

Michael Deason-Barrow – initiator van “Tonalis” - houdt inspirerende cursussen over de hele wereld met thema's als holistische zang, koorleiding en “sacred Music” Zijn eigen vernieuwende composities en arrangementen vinden veelal hun basis in wereldmuziek.

De workshop zal in het engels worden gehouden, om een totaalbeeld van de inhoud te krijgen is een engelse tekst over “New Horizons in Choral Singing” bijgevoegd.

het rooster:

De inschrijving is vanaf 10 maart gesloten

Dit workshopweekeind vindt plaats in de grote zaal (Halde) van Scorlewald

Valkenlaan 14, 1871AV Schoorl

De kosten zijn 175,- inclusief vegetarische maaltijden

Studenten: 95,-

S.v.p. overmaken op reknr: NL24 TRIO 0390182591 t.n.v. Mens en Muziek o.v.v. Horizons, na betaling ontvangt u een bevestiging.

Bij afmelding na 1 maart kunnen we geen restitutie meer geven, vanwege onze reeds gemaakte kosten.

Hoofdthema's van de workshops:





There's a change going on today in the World of Singing in Choirs.

New voices sounding out from World and Early Musics, the new imaginations found in

contemporary choral music and improvisation are stretching the boundaries of choral singing.

This cutting-edge workshop offers you the chance to explore

All the New Possibilities Available to Choirs Today.

So come and try out the following:

1) Choral Architecture:

Voices in Movement: Sounds in Space

Explore how the spatial placement and movement of singers enhances the musical architecture of compositions in ways that bring the inner life of the music alive.

This will include:

— Choreographies of: i) an ancient Byzantine Chant and ii) a Choral Icon by John Tavener

— A Medieval part song that will create a labyrinth around sounding choral pillars

— ‘Rounds' being brought into glorious movement using choreographed forms

— Exploring Choral Soundscapes and Landscapes, from Baka Pygmy Rainforest music to

an evocation of a Slovenian landscape and a Zulu village soundscape

Harmonic Singing - Singing in Relationship to Each Other

We'll also explore singing with each part (S.A.T.B.) standing in different formations.

This will enable you to hear the simultaneity of all the other parts sounding through you,

so that you become harmonic instruments, not just melodic ones.

2) Bring the Creativity of Improvisation into Choral Singing

This workshop also offers you the chance to try out choral improvisations from:

— ‘African-American' Spirituals and — Bach Chorales

to — New Choral Music that incorporates improvisation.

Michael will also introduce you to:

i) an amazing improvisation technique he calls ‘Melodic Auras'

where mysterious chords unfold around the space like buds opening into flower.

ii) a choral improvisation called ‘Walk the Score' which leads to music being

heard that is redolent of singing sacred music in Gothic cathedrals.

iii) Sound Painting. This offers you a dynamic world of choral music making.

Here a leader signs the singers using sculptural gestures with intriguing names, such as:

Long Tones, Swirls, Pointillism, Minimalism, Scanning, Hit, Shapeline, & many more .

In turn the singers respond with improvised sound. IT'S ALL GREAT FUN!


One of the key elements that makes each of choral style so unique

is the special realm of harmony each idiom uses.

This innovative workshop therefore offers you the chance to get inside:


based on chords composed of particular interval moods and characteristics

(just like each different character in a play, or different colours in paintings).

To experience this, we'll sing an amazing array of Choral Music based on using:

> chords created out of each interval

> Modal and Pentatonic harmonies

> World Music Scales (from Indian Ragas to Japanese and Balinese ones)

> the Natural Acoustic Scale derived from the root of all music, the Harmonic Series.

What SOUNDSCAPES we will create!

It's sure to be unlike anything you've ever done before.


Open Doors into Different Choral Music Styles

This workshop is all about exploring the special vocal styles and choral colours

that underlie each different choral idiom.

It will help both choir leaders and choir singers learn to sing each style (e.g. Renaissance, Bulgarian or Gospel, etc.) with the appropriate musical style and vocal timbre that belongs to it, without which essential features of the musical meaning are lost and destroyed.

Through all the discoveries you'll make

this workshop will change your appreciation of choral music and


For each choral idiom we sing together we will ask,

what type of resonance, phonation, phrasing, grouping,

dynamics, articulation, vowel and note shaping, etc.

are needed to enter each style so you can sing the music authentically?

We will also focus on

> all those Expressive Vocal Nuances, that are such a fundamental part of vocal tyles, from gliding tones and special ornaments to whether vibrato is needed or not.

> how the Colour and Resonance of each Language is a key determinant on vocal style.

Throughout the workshop you'll also have the chance to discover how choral styles and vocal colours are shaped by the functions and contexts they were intended for, the instruments that accompanied them, as well as religious, philosophical and aesthetic questions.

Expand the Borders of Choral Singing

We'll explore the glorious diversity of styles and colours found in


> the nasality of Sardinian and Corsican voicings

> the free air found in East and South African choral styles

> the bright, vibrant resonance of Eastern Europe (e.g. Bulgaria)

> the warm pharyngeal resonance of Georgian and Russian singing

to > the elemental chants of Native American and Inuit peoples.

new horizons in choral singing michael deason barrow-v2.pdf

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